After Yule

HOT   17 hours ago  
Alola's Strongest Z! Kapu-Kokeko VS Pikachu!!

22 hours ago  
Weeding of Back Streets

23 hours ago  
Tanabata Festival ~Part 2~

1 day ago  
Romance Dawn

HOT   1 day ago  
With the Changing Seasons, a Genius Experiences the Sorrow of X

HOT   1 day ago  
The Secret Maiden

2 days ago  
The Mystery-Solving Water Taxi (Part Two)

2 days ago  
Iruma and Clara, Demon Friends
The Heart of the School is in the Garden

2 days ago  
Why Not Join the Staring-At-Eye-Moles Squad?
The Trap is Set

HOT   2 days ago  
A Tale for the Ages

HOT   3 days ago  
Big Sister, Do I Have to Go to School?

3 days ago  
Neither a Kid nor an Adult
Extended Remote-Control Device

3 days ago  
ELEGANCE - Perchance, Like A Human

3 days ago  
When the Girl’s World Changes

HOT   4 days ago  
It Seems Roo Can Decide Her Own Worth!
Runaway Girl x Attacker

HOT   5 days ago  
The City of Knights -Caislean Merlin-

5 days ago  
Momoharu´s Wings

HOT   5 days ago  
Younger and Elder

5 days ago  
Drive Shaft Ignition!

6 days ago  
Smiles, Tears

HOT   6 days ago  
Bananya and Droopy-eared Bananya, Nya
Conclusion! Gaogaen VS Nyaheat!!

7 days ago  
Wishing to become human someday

7 days ago  
The Light of Dawn

HOT   7 days ago  
Wheel-Stopping Castle

7 days ago  
What are Beam Rifles?

8 days ago  
Tanabata Festival ~Part 1~

8 days ago  
Vanishing Humans! Neko-sennin's Revenge

8 days ago  
Duel! The Magician and the Surgeon of Death!

HOT   8 days ago  
At Times, An Elder's Pride is in Direct Opposition To X's Circumstances

HOT   8 days ago  
The Binding Maiden

9 days ago  
The Scoop on U.A. Class 1-A

HOT   9 days ago  
Eve of Hostilities in Asakusa

HOT   9 days ago  
The Culmination of Two Million Years

HOT   10 days ago  
My Big Sister's Perfect Food!

10 days ago  
The Reincarnation of an Angel or a Devil

10 days ago  
The Full Moon chooses which Beast to illuminate

10 days ago  
Renegade Extended

10 days ago  
MELEE - Pulsing Waves, Steel Wings

10 days ago  
Mercy of an Assassin

HOT   11 days ago  
Masato Is Serious About Making Money!
Zamasu vs Universe 7! Ambition's End!

HOT   11 days ago  
I'm Attacked by an Impossible Spiral
Life Improvements and Slates
Too Much For a Novice Goddess to Bear
Quest x Demon Beast Killer

HOT   12 days ago  

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Recently Added Anime


Teekyuu, Te-kyu, てーきゅう

Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Choujikuu Yousai Macross, 超時空要塞マクロス

Macross Zero
マクロス ゼロ

Macross Plus

Macross 7

Magic User's Club
Mahoutsukai Tai!, 魔法使いTai!

Ceres, Celestial Legend
Ayashi no Ceres, 妖しのセレス

I Want to Deliver Your Voice
Kimi no Koe wo Todoketai, きみの声をとどけたい

Astro Boy (2003)
Astro Boy: Tetsuwan Atom, アストロボーイ・鉄腕アトム

Aikatsu Friends!

Gun x Sword
Gun vs Sword, ガン×ソード

Koi Kaze
Koikaze, Love Wind, 恋風

At The Mercy of The Sky
Sora no Manimani, Chuu no Manimani, 宙のまにまに

Medarot, メダロット

The Beast Claw, ケモノヅメ


Cyber City Oedo 808
CYBER CITY OEDO 808 (サイバーシティ オーエド ハチマルハチ)

Stellar Transformations - Legend of Immortals
Xing Chen Bian, Xingchen Bian, 星辰变

Fei Ren Zai, Shenme Gui, 神么鬼

Aikatsu Stars!

Yokohama Shopping Journal
Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou, Quiet Country Cafe, ヨコハマ買い出し紀行 Quiet Country Cafe

Journal of the Mysterious Creatures
Yichang Shengwu Jianwenlu, Yi Chang Sheng Wu Jian Wen Lu, 異常生物見聞録

Peter Pan & Wendy
Peter Pan no Bouken, ピーターパンの冒険

Alien 9
Alien Nine, エイリアン9

Voices Of A Distant Star
Hoshi no Koe, ほしのこえ

Black Fox

Golgo 13

Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories
Aoyama Goushou Tanpen-shuu, Aoyama Goushou Tanpenshuu, 青山剛昌短編集

Maison Ikkoku
Ikkoku House, めぞん一刻

Useless Animals
Damekko Doubutsu, だめっこどうぶつ

Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Hunter D (2000), Bloodlust, バンパイアハンターD, 吸血鬼〈バンパイア〉ハンターD

Ultramaniac - Magical Girl
Ultra Maniac, ウルトラマニアック

Weathering With You
Tenki no Ko, 天気の子

GA: Geijutsuka Art Design Class
GA: ADC, GA 芸術科アートデザインクラス

Strike Witches: The Movie
Strike Witches Gekijouban, ストライクウィッチーズ 劇場版

The Island of Giant Insects
Kyochuu Rettou, 巨蟲列島

Master Keaton: Blood and Bullets

Gallery Fake

Higashi no Eden
Higashi no Eden, Eden of The East, The King of Eden, 東のエデン

Taisho Baseball Girls
Taishou Yakyuu Musume., Taishou Era Baseball Daughters, Taishou Era Baseball Girls, 大正野球娘。

Starship Operators

H2O: Footprints in the Sand


Miss Morita is Taciturn
Morita-san wa Mukuchi., 森田さんは無口。