Sobble Sobs For What Reason?

4 hours ago  
Our First Fight... Nodoka and Rabirin Go Their Separate Ways

21 hours ago  
Dead or Alive! Queen's Sumo Inferno!

HOT   22 hours ago  

HOT   2 days ago  
HxEros Forms

HOT   2 days ago  
Uzaki-chan Wants to Hang Out!

HOT   2 days ago  
In Due Time, the Seasons Change and the Snow Melts
Turning Point

HOT   3 days ago  

4 days ago  
Rimuru's Glamorous Life as a Teach, Part 2

HOT   4 days ago  
40% And Below! Tracen Academy Special Make-up Exams

5 days ago  
The Lion Awakens, Continued

HOT   5 days ago  
The Shadow Grand Prix Begins

5 days ago  
Wonderful Jurassic

6 days ago  
The Legend of Heroes! Leon's Ultimate Battle!

7 days ago  
Discovering Happiness! Sukoyaka Festival!

7 days ago  
Climb Up! Luffy's Desperate Escape!

HOT   7 days ago  
The Centaur of the Arena

HOT   8 days ago  
The Misfit of Demon King Academy

HOT   8 days ago  
Legendary academy

8 days ago  
The Secret of the Search for His Wife

8 days ago  
A Fire Soldier's Fight

HOT   9 days ago  
In This World Full of Light!

HOT   9 days ago  
Charlotte -Riddle of Wondercall-
To Quit Or To Not Quit? A Confused Hinata!

10 days ago  
Creeping Shadow! The Mysterious Man Dr. W!

11 days ago  
Lost Princess ~Garnished with Smiles~
Post-Apocalypse and Neapolitan Spaghetti

13 days ago  
Splash! Magikarp / Put it On! Slowking

14 days ago  
We Two Are One

HOT   14 days ago  
A Lead Performer! Queen the Plague Emerges!

HOT   14 days ago  
The Student Council Would Like a Group Photo / The Student Council Is Going to Get That Group Photo

HOT   15 days ago  
My Ace

HOT   18 days ago  
Tower of God

HOT   18 days ago  
The Transfer Student is a Grade-Schooler?

19 days ago  
Who Will Claim Victory?

19 days ago  
The Whimsical Patissier's Specialty ~A Memory of Labyrinths and Crêpes~
A Battle Festival Exploding With Life! VS Mega Lucario!

21 days ago  
Where the Promise Was Made

HOT   21 days ago  
Yu Ishigami Closes His Eyes, Part 3 / Miyuki Shirogane and Yu Ishigami

HOT   22 days ago  

22 days ago  
Case 3_4: Snow of London

22 days ago  
I Want to Convey It to You

23 days ago  
Hello, Goodbye

23 days ago  
The Grand Finale! Hope for Tomorrow!
Case 3_3: Snow of London

23 days ago  

Recently Added Anime

Marmalade Boy

Japan Sinks: 2020
Nihon Chinbotsu 2020, 日本沈没2020

Hakubo, 薄暮

Full-Time Magister 4
Quanzhi Fashi IV, Quan Zhi Fa Shi 4, 全职法师Ⅳ

Children of the Sea
Kaijuu no Kodomo, The Sea Monster's Children, 海獣の子供

Wedding Peach
Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach, Legend of the Angel of Love - Wedding Peach, 愛天使伝説 ウェディングピーチ

The Running Heroes
Ku Pao Ying Xiong, Parkour Hero, 酷跑英雄

Fortune Arterial: Akai Yakusoku

Saint Young Men
Saint☆Young Men, Saint☆Oniisan, Saint Onii-san, 聖☆おにいさん

The Magic of Chocolate
Chocolat no Mahou, Shokora no Mahou, ショコラの魔法

Here is Greenwood
Koko wa Green Wood, ここはグリーン・ウッド

Mobile Suit Gundam: 0079
First Gundam, Kidou Senshi Gundam, 機動戦士ガンダム

Domestic Girlfriend
Domestic na Kanojo, Dome x Kano, Domekano, ドメスティックな彼女

Silver Fang
Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

Silver Fang Legend Weed
Ginga Densetsu Weed, Ginga Legend Weed, 銀牙伝説ウィード

A Whisker Away
Nakitai Watashi wa Neko wo Kaburu, Nakineko, 泣きたい私は猫をかぶる

Sonic X
ソニック X

Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai After
百花繚乱 サムライアフター

El Hazard: The Alternative World
Ijigen no Sekai El Hazard, Ijigen no Sekai El-Hazard, 異次元の世界エルハザード

El Hazard: The Wanderers
Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard TV, Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard, 神秘の世界エルハザード

Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
Jin-Rou, Jinrou, 人狼 JIN-ROH

El Hazard: The Magnificent World
Shinpi no Sekai Eru Hazaado, Shinpi no Sekai El-Hazard, 神秘の世界エルハザード

Her Blue Sky
Sora no Aosa wo Shiru Hito yo, The Person Who Knows How Blue the Sky Is, 空の青さを知る人よ

Kamisama Dolls
Kami-sama Dolls, 神様ドォルズ

Strawberry Panic

Top wo Nerae! Gunbuster, Top wo Nerae!, Aim for the Top!, トップをねらえ! GunBuster

Gunbuster 2
Top wo Nerae 2! Diebuster, Aim for the Top! 2, DieBuster, トップをねらえ2!DIEBUSTER


Super Pig
Ai to Yuuki no Pig Girl Tonde Buurin

Scissor Seven
Cike Wu Liuqi, Cike Wuliuqi, Ci Ke Wu Liu Qi, Assassin Seven, Killer Seven, 刺客伍六七

Scissor Seven 2
Wu Liuqi Zhi Zui Qiang Fa Xing Shi, Cike Wu Liuqi 2nd Season, Killer Seven 2nd Season, 伍六七之最强发型师

Captain Tsubasa
Flash Kicker, キャプテン翼

Baki (2020)
Baki 2nd Season, バキ

Black and White Warriors
Heibai Wushang, Hei bai Wu shang, 黑白无双

Black and White Warriors 2
Heibai Wushang 2nd Season, 黑白无双

Night Is Short, Walk on Girl
Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome, 夜は短し歩けよ乙女

Lost Song

Sorcerer Hunters
Bakuretsu Hunters, Spell Wars: Sorcerer Hunters Revenge, 爆れつハンター

Rakshasa Street 2
Zhen Hun Jie 2, Requiem Street 2, 镇魂街 第二季

Ninkuu, 忍空

Seven Days War
Bokura no Nanokakan Sensou, Our Seven-Day War, ぼくらの七日間戦争

Honobono Log

Karasu Tengu Kabuto
Crow Demon Kabuto, Raven Goblin Kabuto, カラス天狗カブト

Ghost in the Shell
Koukaku Kidoutai, Koukaku Kidoutai 2.0, GHOST IN THE SHELL(攻殻機動隊), Innocence, イノセンス ,

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds, Yugioh 5ds, Yu☆Gi☆Oh! 5D's, 遊☆戯☆王5D's(ファイブディーズ)

Mobile Suit Gundam Narrative
Kidou Senshi Gundam NT, Kidou Senshi Gundam Narrative, 機動戦士ガンダムNT(ナラティブ)

Argonavis from BanG Dream!
アルゴナビス from BanG Dream!

Kaguya-sama: Love is War 2
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai?: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen, かぐや様は告らせたい?~天才たちの恋愛頭脳戦~